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Heritage Cladding is the complete solution for Cladding New Buildings, as well as Re-Cladding and even Over Cladding to rejuvenate old tired buildings. It is available in a range of styles and permanent colours which will not scratch off.  It is light, flexible and very easy to install and carries a 50 year Product Guarantee.

Heritage Vinyl Cladding is Insulated (R 0.6) and will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

It needs no painting – EVER
It will not rust or rot – EVER
It will not be eaten by borer - EVER

The benefits of using Heritage Cladding are...

Energy Efficient

Heritage Cladding is thermally insulated. Adding up to an extra 25% insulation to the standard wall requirements.  (R = 0.6)

Benefit: Heritage Cladding will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Cost Effective

‘First price is the last price’. No sanding, painting after fitting.

Benefit: The money you save you can spend on the inside of your house.


Heritage Cladding requires no painting – EVER. The colour goes right through the whole product, it cannot be scratched off. It will not even fade.

Benefit: You will never have to paint your house again - EVER


Heritage Cladding will easily handle the everyday bumps and knocks from cricket balls and bicycles. It has a memory and will return to its original shape.

Benefit: Every day knocks, bumps and scratches are a thing of the past.

UV Resistant

Heritage Cladding is made from a very high grade material. The harmful sun’s rays have no effect on the cladding. Extensive tests have shown that after 15 years in the harsh Queensland sun, there is NO deterioration of the product.

Benefit: Your house will always look good. Heritage Cladding will not fade.

Maintenance free

No maintenance is ever required on Heritage Cladding, just the occasional wash down with soapy water will keep it like new.  It never needs painting, it will never rot or rust, it will never warp, twist or crack. In the unlikely event of a board being damaged, individual boards can be easily removed and replaced.

Benefit: You will never need to do maintenance on your walls again - EVER.

Tagging Easily Removed

Because Heritage Cladding is manufactured from high grade Polyvinyl Chloride, very few solvents will affect it.

Benefit: Unlike other types of cladding, spray paint can be easily removed from Heritage Cladding using a paint solvent.


Heritage Cladding has undergone very stringent tests both in the laboratory and in the field. The results show that Heritage Cladding complies with the overall NZ Building code and in particular regarding External Moisture (E2), Durability (B2), Wind Loading (B1)and Energy Efficiency (H1).

Benefit: Peace of mind, it has been tested.

Earth Quake Safe

Heritage Cladding is very light, very tough and very flexible. These characteristics make it the cladding of choice in earthquake prone areas.

Benefit: You and your family will be safe.



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